Liz Rod 

"Love *Not Anymore* 
Besides I always enjoy the way how you play the guitar. ¡You`re Awesome!."



"Nice tunes here Marshal! Always dig your style!"


"Loving your music..always <3 x"

Renora Code 

"Not Anymore…. sounds great.. Enjoyed listening to your songs. Thanks for connecting."



"LOVE \marshallstackz/ ! U Rock!!!!"


"great playing here bro..really enjoying the lyric and melancholic, intense arrangement of "not anymore"..that song is really powerful bro!!"

Jeff in the red  

"Great music Here!!!"

Kristi Grissom  

"really enjoyed listening to your music great keep up the good work talk to you later"


"Finally found you here and now have all this beautiful music at my disposal :) Awesome tunes!"

Ciro Amaral 

"Stopping by to listen some more! 
I like "oNE". I'm a fan! 
I little different from what I do but I still like it."

Pace Ride  

"Superb!!! Very much enjoyed the tunes!!!"


Franz Holzhauser  

"really great..."