Stackz with axe

With his target locked in late 2012 storming the scene of and with a guitar and a passion to leave an imprint on the industry.

Several influences ranging from blues to rock to dance.

"Music is about feeling, emotion and what makes you tick."

These are expressions stressed upon in this music.

There is always a situation or emotion to create this music whether it is instrumental or vocal.

Do return often throughout this musical journey into the unknown!


 You can hear me on 10 pm EST or 7 pm PST. We will play your requests and your support of listening to the station will help give back to the Indy artists that work so hard, to get their royalties. I ask if you are a fan of them or an artist alike or just looking for cool tunes while chatting on twitter just turn on the tunes and let us rock your planet!


Yes, We're rocking your planet 24- 7. Our shows focus on genre basis. We have shows for Rock, Metal, Blues Dance and others in between. Hang out in our chat room. Let's talk music make some new friends or get involved in your own collaborations.


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by Jeff Barger/ Marshallstackz

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